The Algerian Hoax Reviews

OnlineBookClub, Official Review:

A quick and engaging read…particularly enjoyed the picturesque descriptions of Marseille and the author’s sense of humor. For example, one of Vaux’s temporary sanctuaries is a shabby establishment ironically called the Hotel Splendide.  Similarly, an entire apprehension mission goes on the rocks because the man in charge misplaces an important set of keys.

There was nothing I disliked about the novel. although I admit [to some readers] Vaux’s laid-back attitude could be annoying, I found it quite charming. You can’t help falling for a guy who is keen on classic English authors like Forster, Spender and Greene. As for Vaux, he can’t help falling for beautiful but dangerous women like Angela Morris or Alena Hussein aka Barbara Boyd.

The author [also] did a great job of portraying different types of male characters such as the elusive Gerald Dawson, the begrudging Alan Craw. and the ambitious Patrick Thursfield.

A former journalist himself, Roger Croft imagined an excellent alter ego in Michael Vaux. I am rating The Algerian Hoax 4 out of 4 stars.