Swindle! Reviews

swindle_cover-224x300‘…stock swindles are something of a national industry and it all makes for good copy for a book…Croft, one of Canada’s leading financial journalists, has done just that….One hopes he has it in mind to write a sequel.’
Noel Wright, Montreal Star
Swindle!  offers an interesting insight into the seamy side of the investment world.’
Patrick Durrant, Vancouver Sun
‘Croft…. should succeed in sending investors running to their portfolios for a thorough reassessment.’
Roy MacSkimming, Toronto Star
‘Entertaining while it is informative, Swindle!  takes much of the mystery from stock [manipulations]  and reveals the sad state of [securities] legislation…’
J.R.N., The Star-Phoenix
‘Author Croft’s writing is clear and simple….a delightful book for those who do not know General Motors from General Foods…’
John MacLean, Ottawa Journal
Swindle!  is  good entertainment of the journalistic-true story variety.’
Briar Foster, Queen’s University Quarterly