The Vaux in this book is more confidant and more experienced in the ways of espionage….There are Israeli and Syrian professinal hit men in England hunting for Vaux. He is moved from safe house to safe house and is finally sent to a remote military base in England.  The love of his life, the beautiful Syrian-born Alena, returns in this book and is found to be much more complicated than originally thought.

There is some humor for those who are familiar with the spy genre. In a meeting at MI6, one staffer suggests that Vaux has ‘come in from the cold’ when the head of  Department B3 ‘nearly chokes on his digestive’ and blurts out: ‘We’ll have none of that sort of silly talk, please!’

This is a terrific follow-up to Mr. Croft’s first [spy] book and I highly recommend it to those who enjoy the [espionage] genre.

Brian Taylor

Portland Book Review