Impeccable authority

Now we have it from an impeccable authority, none other than Bret Stephens, columnist for the Wall Street Journal and stalwart supporter of Israel and all policies foreign and domestic, pursued by the Netanyahu government.

Says Stephens today [WSJ column:July 30]: ” To be anti-Israel doesn’t absolutely, positively make you an anti-Semite. But it does mark you out as something between a moron and a crank.”

So those of us who deplore Israel’s multiple years of prevarications and delays in coming to grips with a final Palestinian deal aren’t necessarily antI-Semites. We may be cretins and morons but we are at last free of that false and self-serving accusation against all of Israel’s critics of occupying the same bed as racially-motivated anti-Semites. Phew! We’ve finally shaken off the stigma of Nazism and quiescent observers of the Holocaust.

Hopefully, the likes of Bret Stephens and his “Israel can do no wrong” think-alikes, will one day see the injustice of militarily occupying another people’s country, will one day see the humiliation and relegation to second-class status of Palestine’s citizens through such impositions as building Jewish-only roads through Palestinian lands and continuing the construction of settlements within the universally recognized borders of another country (the pre-1967 lines).

And even more, one would hope Stephens and his colleagues would at least pause to consider whether another bloody conflagration in the Middle East sparked by some unilateral Israeli military action against Iran is really in the best interests of their own country, the U.S. Or will they continue to help the Israeli tail wag the American dog? Split national loyalties belong to those who are something between a moron and a crank–and perhaps a fifth-columnist could be added to the mix.