The assassins

It’s come to some pass when State-sponsored assassinations are shrugged off by the so-called civilized world as something of no great import.

Over the last six weeks or so, maybe longer, we have all read of street assassinations of nuclear scientists and engineers in the employ of the Iranian government. The victims were all civilians, all civil servants working for their government for the development of a nuclear industry which, says Iran, is aimed at the development of nuclear power to diversify the country’s dependence on oil.

But the West, mainly Israel and the U.S., think otherwise. It’s all about Iran’s ambition to obtain nuclear arms. Thus the strong embargo on all things Iranian including ultimately its oil.

An article in the April 10 issue of The Wall Street Journal by columnist Gerald F Seib, says blithely that ‘…it seems certain that efforts to disrupt the workings of that nuclear program, by blocking imports of materials, corrupting nuclear programs and attacking nuclear scientists, have slowed down and complicared Iran’s nuclear quest.’ [my italics].

So here’s the unquestioned conscience and mouthpiece of America’s right, admitting that Israel’s assassination program [nobody seems to question that Israel’s Mossad is behind the street murders] is one of the instruments being used to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program.

Apart from the inhumanity of blowing up these professional engineers [they too have families that are now left bereft of their breadwinners and fathers] what sort of world does the West represent if we simply ‘accept’ these murderous acts as justified at a time when Israel is claiming an ongoing threat to its existence?

The hypocrisy of nuclear-armed Israel calling for a preventive strike against Iran (the sooner the better) is as blithely ignored by the mass media as the clear inhumanity and barbarism of blowing up professional men who happen to work for their national government. What would America’s reaction have been if Nazi Germany had sent over assassins to kill the architects of the atomic bomb that effectively ended World War 2?

To conclude: let’s have a nuclear-free Middle East that would prevent all the nations of that unhappy neighborhood –including trigger-happy Israel– from possessing doomsday weaponry of any kind.