Welcome move

News that Fatah (the West Bank) and Hamas (Gaza) have patched up their differences is great news for anyone who wants to speed up the peace process and hammer out a final deal with the Israelis.

Unfortunately, the Israelis don’t see it that way. Netanyahu says he can’t be expected to negotiate with terrorists (Hamas). Before the raprochement between Fatah and Hamas, the Israelis said it was impossible to negotiate with a split, ununified Palestinian authority.

So once again, it looks as if the road map will be put on the shelf indefinitely. Meanwhile, Israel obsesses about Iran’s nuclear program. In all the world-wide media coverage of the Iranian ‘threat’, Israel’s own arsenal of nuclear weapons never comes up for discussion.

Israel says it is fearful of an ‘existential threat’ from Iran. Meanwhile, the Palestinians, who are expected to have the biblical patience of Job, don’t have to worry about any existential threat to their State– they are still not allowed to have one whose existence is theatened.

PostScript: I find it highly ironic–not to say hypocritical–that Israel’s aloof attitude to an organization accused of violent, terroristic acts (Hamas) comes in the wake of the universal view that Mossad,the Israeli intelligence service, is responsible for the street assassinations/killings/murder of several Iranian professional civilian nuclear scientists. This isn’t state-sponsored terrorism?