Vaux was right

In my novel ‘The Wayward Spy’, Michael Vaux, the main character, says:

‘The Israelis are experts at prevaricating, playing for time. I don’t think they’ll ever come to terms with the Arabs…I want to help them (the Arabs) until the West decides to pressure the tough little bully of the neighborhood to comply with international law..’

Much strident criticism has been made at my calling the Israelis (through Vaux) the bully on the block.

So let’s consider the recent spate of Israeli actions in the wake of Palestine’s understandable efforts to get recognized as a State officially by the United Natsions.

1. Israel has frozen cash balances held in trust for the Palestinian Authority (taxes collected on goods and services by Israel for the PA).

2. Jerusalem announced the acceleration of construction (2000 housing units) on illegal Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

3. According to ‘The Economist’, the Israeli government has launched a ‘clean-up’ campaign against the Bedouin in Israel. The Israelis admit that the master plan for mass resettlement will entail a massive transfer of government land. Many observers suspect this to be a dry run for the transfer of Arabs now living in northern Israel to the West Bank.

Such sudden anti-peace process moves smack of petty revenge and simple bullying tactics. Back in 1992 (when the action in the novel takes place) Michael Vaux, the wayward spy, spoke prophetic sense.