Ingrate nation

Israel has ‘thanked’ the U.S. for its stolid support in opposing Palestinian efforts to win U.N. recognition of its statehood by a sudden move to legalize some illegal West Bank settlements. The State Dept. has said the move would be viewed as a violation of an eight-year old promise made by Israel to the U.S. to dismantle controversial settlement sites.

It’s a perverse way of saying ‘thank you’ to the U.S. for practically isolating itself among the world community by agreeing with Israel’s perplexing assertion that Palestinian statehood would hinder any progress towards a ‘two State’ solution. (Why would recognition of the obvious hinder progress in any peace deal that finally is resolved by two States agreeing on a border and on how to deal with the problem of Jerusalem?) The Israeli assertion defies logic and common sense and attempts, once again, to deny Palestinians any vestige of pride or dignity.

If this move (to legalize rogue settlements) is the mark of an ingrate nation, what are we to make of the recent release of 1,000 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for one Israeli soldier captured by Hamas some five years ago? It’s often been noted that in conflicts, large and small, between Israel and Palestinians, the ratio of those killed violently is usually about 10 to 1: Israel’s cold and probably deliberate calculation is that one dead Israeli will always cost its enemies ten of its own. So it’s hard not to conclude that Israel’s valuation ratio has gone down sharply–and not in Palestine’s favor. Now one Israeli is worth 1,000 Palestinians.

Incidentally, there are still some 8,000 Palestinian ‘terrorists’ in Israel’s prisons.