For the life of me, I cannot understand the reasoning behind Israel’s hysterical opposition to the probable move by the United Nations to grant full member status to the people of Palestine. Israel, of course, is backed by the U.S., whose State Dept. officials have been busy trying to persuade U.N. member nations not now to recognize Palestine as a nation state; and at the same time telling Palestinian leader Abbas that he should desist from pushing the ‘nation state’ resolution if he doesn’t want to sabotage yet another ‘peace plan’ going forward. (After ten years or so observing the athritic progress of any Mideast peace process, Abbas could be forgiven a certain amount of skepticism towards these most recent undertakings from Washington.)

What harm is done by recognizing the obvious? What have all these years of ‘road maps’ and peace parleys been about if not to confirm the borders between Palestine and Israel? And therefore, by implication, between two sovereign nation states?

This weekend’s demonstrations and rioting before the Israeli embassy in Cairo only emphasises the critical need now (in the wake of the Arab spring) to usher in a period that fully recognises the rights of the Palestinians to have their own home, their own freedoms, their own liberties. Fifty years of occupation by a foreign nation in this supposedly ‘enlightened ‘ age where a nation’s people are saluted and celebrated for throwing off the yoke of tyranny, is surely enough for any nation.

The insensitivity of Obama’s State Department is mind-boggling. But if anyone out there in the ether can explain the anti-Palestinian stance now taken by Israel and the U.S. in this critical era of Arab nationalsim and pride, then please post me a message.