A Palestinian speaks out

In my novel, ‘The Wayward Spy’, Ahmed Kadri, Syria’s chief arms buyer and, until he was identified by MI6, a long-lost friend of Michael Vaux, the main character, spends a lot of time trying to convince Vaux of the validity and justice of the Arab position in the eternal Arab-Israeli conflict. I leave to the reader to decide whether he eventually convinces Vaux of the justice of the Palestinian cause.

But perhaps nobody speaks more eloquently than a 28 year- old Palestinian blogger named Abu Zayyad whom I quote below–with ackowledgements to Netroots.

‘My people have been under occupation for 63 years, living with injustice. We want to get our rights under U.N. international law. We want to celebrate our nationality without being hunted or stopped. We want to express our opinion, we want to get 10,000 people out of prison. We want to get the basic human rights that you get every day in this country (the U.S.)……

‘We are not in conflict for the sake of a conflict. And there is nothing left for us to negotiate. The two-state solution is out of our hands….This is the way I and most Arabs see it…There is a tradition in the American community to support Israel no matter what.’

Abu Zayyad then refers to the Arab Spring:

‘There is a new regime coming, brought by the new generation, and sooner or later they will discuss the relationship between themselves and the Palestinians, which is the first point on their agenda.’

He pleads for the U.S. to be ‘completely democratic’ towards other countries. ‘Be realistic and liberal, fine. But you need to think about things in a democratic way. You need to talk about international law, which explains the conflict clearly. UN (resolutions) 242 and 194 explain how to end it.

‘And now you have more than 129 countries in the U.N. General Assembly saying the Palestinians must have a State of their own (yet) here is a country, the leader of the democratic world, the country that Condoleeza Rice said was the defender of democracy–it denies the Palestinians the right to have a state.

‘The Israeli government will soon have to explain to its people why the two-state solution is not valid.’

[Thanks to Philip Weiss who highlighted Abu Zayyad’s blog on Mondoweiss.]