Silver lining?

Ironically, the Egyptian revolution could be a catalyst to restart the Palestinian-Israeli peace process. While many Israelis are wringing their hands about the dire consequences of losing Mabarak as a firm ally, there is surely a more positive view of the fall-out from his removal from power: and that is the sea-change that the U.S. at long last has wrought in its Mid-East policy. Barak Obama has finally seen and acknowledged the hypocrisy of past policies that preached democratic ideals while propping up autocrats throughout the region.

Linked to this hypocrisy–the root-cause of Arab antagonism–is of course the double standard the U.S. has always adopted when dealing with its ally, Israel. The pressure will now be on the Israeli government to talk turkey–stop prevaricating and get the peace agreement hammered out. And while propelling this process, why not acknowledge that Israel is just as accountable for its nuclear weapons program as every other country in the world–including Iran, Korea etc. A more rigorous attitude towards the tiny but armed-to-the-hilt nuclear state (with guarantees for its security once it gets out of Palestinian lands) would help convince the Arab street that America is finally on the side of justice for all.