Cave in?

Because, Middle East politics plays a big role in the background story of ‘The Wayward Spy’, I continue to monitor the ‘progress’ in the ongoing, still fragile, peace process aimed at settling once and for all the borders of Israel and Palestine–which will basically define the so-called ‘two-state solution.’

The latest retreat by the Obama administration is the acceptance of Israel’s adamant determination to continue building settlements in occupied Palestinian territory–a process deemed illegal by the U.N. as well as by the U.S. itself.

Is this another cave-in by President Obama?

It’s difficult to see this sudden surrender to Israel’s stubborn demands in any other way. But there’s a ray of hope. Intensified talks on ‘substantive core issues’ are to continue in coming weeks while Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prepares to sketch out the next phase in the peace talks.

Meanwhile, of course, the new Republican majority settles in next month–a move surely welcomed by the Israeli government.